Working Together

February 2016

If you are anything like me, working outside with others is the best way to get to know someone really quickly.  There’s the choosing of bare hands in the dirt or gloves, spade or shovel, rubber garden boots or clogs.  The list gets longer as you  work side by side with a common goal in mind.South Field clouds Rainbow 2014

Working with neighbors and new friends in the Humboldt Hedgerow is that experience and more.

We talk about the neighborhood.

Parents share what their kids are doing and how they use the South Field.  Long term residents have stories of climbing on the original Gasometer than stored coal fired produced gas piped over from  the Linton plant. We share hopes, frustrations and a  lot of laughs. The laughing is what I notice most about a group of native plant enthusiasts working in the field.

Plants and people together are a harmonious combination, so I hope you will think about joining us for  a work day.  Or just come by to talk. Bring the kids and let them ask questions about trees, butterflies, birds and earthworms!

No experience is required.Bring your curiosity and an idea you want to put something back into the natural Oregon ecosystem to share with neighbors.

No judgements on the rubber boots or clogs or even hiking boots.  Come as you are.

Majida                                                                                                                                                                for the Humboldt Hedgerow Initiative


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