Summer 2016

IMG_0871Summer in the city can be filled with flowers and wildlife, even in a dry, sunny street side.


Humboldt Hedgerow now has a few continuing blooms as our test plot flowers.

Despite soaring high temperatures in Spring, many native Portland plants continue to thrive without additional water.  Our test pilot is committed to seeing which plants will make it though the summer without any additional water.  This will help us decide what to plant more of in the Fall of 2016.

Above Right:  Oregon Sunshine full grown in the native plant nursery bed, waiting for Fall transplant.  We have two small small plants in the Hedgerow and they are hanging on


IMG_7755California Poppy

June 2016, plants and seeds Summer 2016


Going strong!

the native bumblebees are back, enjoying the return of this reliable annual.IMG_8135IMG_8100Left: Blue Gillia

from seed scattered Fall of 2015


Below: Bee’s Friend (Silky Phacelia)


This is  a near by native plant, chosen to encourage native bees to visit our site.  Our Portland Native Phacelia, Shade Phacelia, has spiked stems that can be painful, so not appropriate for a school property.

Below:  new temporary name tags added!

common names and scientific name on the reverse.

IMG_8224IMG_8225IMG_8228Penstemon serratulus waiting for fall transplant.  Also grown with no extra water.IMG_8289


Rock Pigeons are not a native bird, but they are enjoying the termites from a sweet cherry snag and maybe a few insects!IMG_8293


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