Snowy Boughs

Happy 2017!

Here in Humbolt Neighborhood the Winter of 2017 will be remembered for the foot of powdery snow that kept us all house bound …and off from school…for a week.

The snow may be just a memory soon, but the damage to trees, lost limbs and among many losses, the seven whole trees down in the  northwest Park Blocks, it is a lasting loss.

Luckily our South Jefferson Field trees made it through just fine.  The advantages of drooping evergreen limbs of native Douglas Fir, Western Redcedar and Hemlocks, the flexible whip like stems of Ponderosa Pine that have had centuries to adapt to the whims of winter in the Northwest are clear: less stress on limbs weighted with snow and ice.

The storm emphasized the importance of proper pruning for all trees in the city, but most especially ornamentals that just are not evolved for our silver thaws with heavy ice for days.

The local classes on tree pruning  offered by the Portland Parks  Urban Forestry  division are wonderful and free!  And our local neighborhood Tree Teams often give workshops in the neighborhood as well.

Happily, once the snow melted, the native perrenial  Hedgerow plants  popped right back up!

Here is to Spring flowers making plans to emerge and newly planted replacement trees getting off to a great start.




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