Reader Request: Hart Schmidt’s mom.

This has been bugging me ever since I read This Must be the Place.

As a female and Mom I admit  to being prickly about mom portraits in sci fi. To my eye, so much cartooning and taking the easy way through nevernallowing an older mom to be a dynamic person.

So what’s up with Hart’ts Mom? He loves her because she nags. Oh, John, did that slip by you?  Or is it an on purpose counter to the wonderful  but very strong/ yang Jane, Zoe, female soldiers and Abumwe?

I kept hoping his Mom would have a deep spy past…you know, Helen Mirren with pearls and a code book.  But nagging is what he loves about his mother? Or can he just not think of anything to love about his mother because she still is not a person to him?

arrrggg. Help.