In fantasy and fiction Nevern

since fantasy and children’s literature plays a huge part of my  private adn professional life, I was in the first wave. The story of Arthur Levine carrying the first book up and down in the elevator telling everyone it was the next big thing is pretty good. No one believed him.  A children’s book?

Two points:  Never underestimate the power of Kid Lit.

Secondly, each of my two daughters found a different role model and I didn’t really know that until I asked them much later which character they saw as most like  themselves.

The elder choose Herminone, the younger chose Luna Lovegood.  And damn if I didn’t learn something important  that day.  My kids really knew themselves and they felt totally comfortable being and identifying their traits.

ONe is a Duke law grad practising in New York ( she has a gavel. Really)  The is other an archeologist working in California. ( quirky intuition, seeing a field of endless grass differently form everyone else is essential)

And I believe that JK Rowling gave them the invaluable pattern of smart, confidant girls who make their way in the world against big challenges, creepy people, the forces of darkness and physical pain.

So love her work or not, I am a fan.



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