Photo Gallery History

Jefferson South Practice Field began its field life as a spot for the 100 million gallon Gasometer holding tank.

This is the Station D manager, who  mowed the grass with a push  mower and hand watered the flowers, as well as maintaining the gas pumping action.  North Alberta Street in running east to west in front of him.

South Field station D manager


The Gasometer was visible from miles away. It operated from about 1900 to 1958, replaced by a low profile natural gas supply, still passing through station D at the north edge of the field.

This is a 1935 view of the Swan Island airfield used during World War II.  In the enlargement you can see Jefferson High School, the buildings to the north of the Gasometer ( which looks a bit like a bloated water tank) and the Gasometer itself clearly.  One of these stood near southeast 10th and Powell Blvd. until the 1970s and that  large sunken foundation is still visible at this time. Gasometers were common on the east coast and in England as well.

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The south field has a very eclectic life: tree planting students, rainbows, frost, fog and pirates!

Jefferson Learning Landscape Bro.Pirates in the south field South Field clouds Rainbow 2014

South Field Fog






HNH Plan

The Planting Plan for the Humboldt Hedgerow includes swales dug in to hold summer infrequent rains and berms for native plants  that keep summer water from moving to the grass and away from the trees and hedgerow. Detailed plans will be made after Fall 2016 planting based on available plants at that time.