The Plan

HNH PlanHNH Plan

Phase one:  Winter 2016  

Chip mulch the entire 40 foot first phase bed to kills weeds and grass..

Spring and Summer 2016  

Remove any emerging black berries and invasive Traveler’s Joy clematis.  Clear tree root flares from weeds and mulch.


 Fall 2016

Plant beds with bulbs, perennials and grasses as per plan.  Water weekly until rains arrive.

Continue to form crown of the central path six inches higher than the planting beds to encourage rain runoff into the planting beds and discourage weeds from  growing on the path.


Summer 2016

Celebration of Humboldt Hedgerow!

Water new plants through hot months  once a week if necessary.

Meet with Portland Public School Environmental Resources and Principal Calvert to assess project and Phase two extension.